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Desserts on the Grill: A Master List

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Did you know that you can create delicious desserts on the grill? In this post we’re going to share dozens of amazing grilled dessert ideas from popular food bloggers.

Grilling isn’t just for savory dishes, friends. You can (and should!) grill up some delicious desserts for your friends and family.

Grilled Desserts. . .is that a Thing?

It’s definitely a thing. And the ideas are endless, as you’re about to see. Whether you’re grilling fresh fruit, baking a cake, or making dessert pizza, you can do it all on the grill!

I recently posted a recipe for my favorite Peach Dump Cake, which I made on my Traeger grill, but I wanted to look for a host of recipes to share with you, so I asked dozens of fellow food bloggers to share their favorite dessert recipes.

I’m so happy with the recipes they shared and can’t wait to try many of them, myself.

Talk about an amazing variety! You’re going to be blown away. And these are going to be perfect for your next outdoor gathering.

Whether you’re looking for cakes, cookies, fruits, or pies, you’ll find something here to please the whole family.

Tips for Baking on a Grill

Peach dump cake on the grill

The process of baking on a grill is a bit different from a traditional oven. So, before we dive into the recipes, let’s pause for a moment to talk about that.

Here are a few top suggestions:

1. Set up for Indirect Heat:

  • To bake on a grill, you need to create an indirect cooking setup. On a gas grill, this means turning on one burner and placing your baking dish on the other side. On a charcoal grill, push the hot coals to one side and place the dish on the opposite side (remember to adjust your heat and position as your dessert is cooking). A pellet grill already uses indirect heat, so no special instructions are necessary.

2. Preheat the Grill:

  • Just as you would with an indoor oven: Preheat the grill to the desired baking temperature. It’s important to use a grill thermometer to monitor the heat at all times so that you maintain a consistent temperature throughout the baking process.

3. Use a Baking Stone or Pan:

  • Here’s a great (and easy) idea to ensure a great outcome: Use a baking stone or a cast-iron skillet. For best results, preheat the stone or skillet along with the grill.

4. Monitor Temperature and Time:

  • How long will your dessert be on the grill? It’s important to note that baking times on the grill might vary when compared to your conventional oven. In other words, keep a close eye on your baked goods as they bake. It’s especially to use a thermometer when you’re making bread, cakes, or casseroles.

5. Rotate and Check Frequently:

  • To ensure even cooking, rotate your baking dish frequently. Also remember to keep the grill lid closed as much as possible to maintain a consistent temperature.

6. Experiment:

  • Baking on a grill may require some experimentation to get the hang of temperature control. In other words, there’s a change you might need to adjust your recipes slightly to account for the different heat source. In other words, there’s a bit of trial and error involved.

7. Add Smoky Flavors:

  • Here’s a fun idea: Use various wood pellet flavors to impart different smoky notes to your desserts. Feel free to experiment and discover your favorite combinations. Adding a smoky twist to sweet treats is a creative process.

And Now. . .Our Master List of Grilled Desserts

Follow the links to get the full recipes for each of these delicious desserts from a wide variety of great food bloggers.

Desserts on the Grill

Enjoy these amazing and delicious desserts, which you can make on your grill.

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 was born and raised in Texas and has always had a passion for great barbecue. He’s at home behind the grill and loves to feed his friends and family home-cooked favorites as often as he can. He especially loves trying new things and is excited to produce recipes like this one for Backyard Texas Grill.

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